One of the toughest jobs involved in shifting household is that of packing. Of course, there are professionals to do everything, but it is going to pay in the long run, if you knew some tips on packing things efficiently yourself.

First of all, decide what is to be needed the first and what is going to be the most important for you when you get to the other end. You must take care of pack it the last of all. It is to come up for unpacking the first of all, and so you are going to be rewarded with good results as soon as you begin to unpack.

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Next, it is going to be good if you maintained a comprehensive list of all that goes into the different containers you are packing. This is going to save a lot of your precious time when you begin to unpack your goods. You should have a vague idea of what each packed item contains.

Be sure to keep a comprehensive battery of adhesive tapes and staples in handy. You are going to need them very badly when you pack your belongings. Some old bed sheets are going to be quite useful too when you plan to move around fragile items like glass wardrobes or even dressing-tables.